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Dream Big To Achieve Big

Dream Big To Achieve Big


Chandra Mouli

I had always heard from my dad that to reach great heights the first and important step was to dream big. During my college days, I had always dreamed of opening my own business after I completed my education and making it big in the world. But dreams do not always go according to plan. So, after I finished my studies, I had to take up a job at a travel agency with a global presence at a junior position

My father encouraged me to look at this experience as a stepping stone to greater success and asked me to work honestly, sincerely and with utmost dedication. I spent the next 365 days working in all departments of the agency and in the process started understanding the business thoroughly. Two of my colleagues were like minded and the three of us would usually exchange notes and think of various schemes and methods of improving the business. The results produced by us at the end of the year had impressed our bosses and they promoted all three of us. This result got me thinking again about my dream of launching my own business and I decided to share the idea with my two colleagues who had also become good friends by then.

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I was pleasantly surprised to hear that both of them were also thinking on similar lines! Since we had gained a good amount of experience in the travel business and we decided to concentrate on the same. We decided to open an online travel agency portal. We wanted our portal to provide a completely different experience to our clients. and as a first step towards achieving this we explored almost all the online portals providing travel assistance to understand the various features. Having understood the same, we spent a good amount of time designing the features that we wanted to provide. All this was just on paper at this stage and we were not rushing ourselves as we wanted to launch the business properly and make it a success.

We split the tasks amongst the three of us – one was assigned the task of looking after finances, permissions and all commercial & legal requirements, the other one was to look after tie-ups, partners etc. My task was to come up with the website and all other marketing and advertising aspects of the business. I opted to go with an experienced advertising agency that had experience of handling major brands. Although I had contacted them for outdoor advertising, I was amazed by the services that they had to offer. They had experts in web designing and offered to design the entire website for us. They also had experts to come up with a perfect logo design for our venture. I thought my task was the easiest thanks to the advertising agency.

Finally we had all aspects of the business nailed and we launched the web portal with a huge fanfare. My dad\’s words had turned true finally! contacted them for

outdoor advertising

, I was amazed by the services that they had to offer.

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How To Make Your Email Subject Line More Interesting

By Karrie Beth

Looking to spice up your e-mail marketing campaign? Need that special something, something snazzy, stand apart, and attention grabbing for your subject line? The subject line is the most important, and often undervalued, aspect of an e-mail. Here are a few ways to give it that spice that you’re looking for.

Create an approach to your subject line that isn’t going to go unnoticed. Think of successful newspaper headlines – in a short space, you capture the essence of an entire article. From a newspaper headline, you can get the gist of a story and the angle all at once. That should be the aim for your subject line. Make sure the most important words are used at the beginning of the line, in case it gets cut off in different e-mail services. These key words could be dates for ending offers, an early-bird special, or a sneak preview. These types of subject lines will entice a viewer because they are being given a unique chance at something special for them.

Make your reader feel like he or she is being addressed personally, not among thousands of others who will get the same message. The moment customers get the feeling that a message is just another generic sales attempt among many others; they won’t even click the message to open it. It will go straight to SPAM or trash. When a customer receives a message that seems tailored to him or her, it is more likely to be opened. Insert a first name, such as: ‘Janet, 1 Day Left of Bargain Prices.’

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To further personalize, use other details you may have about your clients to make the subject line specific. If you know what city or state customers live in, insert that information if it fits with your subject. For instance, ‘Jack, Find Affordable Apartments in Springfield.’ A client would be happy to see that detail, and perhaps more convinced to open it. If you have their birth date, you can send a special offer and wish them Happy Birthday on this day.

It’s also important to mention the most critical information at the beginning of your subject line. Subject lines usually allow a space of about 50 characters, although this can vary from service to service. The safest way to avoid any discrepancies is to be sure to mention the most important keywords, dates, prices, offers or events right at the beginning of the subject line. This way, the reader is guaranteed to see the information that is at the crux of your message.

The subject line is the first thing the reader will see – it’s important to give it that time and attention when you are crafting it. Make it so they can’t resist opening it. Try several different options that work for your e-mail, and test them by sending them to a sample group. You can gauge which subject lines work best from the response and use the same concept for future campaigns.

About the Author: Karrie Beth is a best practices activist and advocate for Benchmark Email ( ), a leading Web and permission-based

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