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Perfect Limo

By Sheryll Cross

Specific events calls for a specific Limo ride. For many people, getting the appropriate limousine is a very important consideration. Whether your are transporting VIPs or bringing a celebrity to a red carpet event or just roaming around the city, there are factors you might want to think about in order to arrive with the right style. For every event or occasion there’s a perfect limo to ride. Ask yourself a few important questions like how many persons will be riding the limo or what are the budget ranges or amenities and specifications you might want to have while traveling. Some consider personal tastes in order to make a ‘statement’ or a grand entrance the moment they stepped out of the limo. For all these considerations, it’s good that there is a wide array of limousine types and models to choose from.

Lincoln Limousine

Lincoln limousines are famous for the spacious legroom it provides to passengers. It is like a longer and wider sedan where an additional rearward seat may be put behind the driver so that passengers are facing each other. Nowadays, however, instead of putting additional seats, it is replaced by entertainment equipment such as television, video game system or movie players. There are also versions mini bars.

Stretch Limo

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Stretch Limo is the classic limousine for those who wanted to make a grand entrance. This limousine model is extremely long with seats positioned alongside the car length perpendicular to the driver. This vehicle can accommodate group of people with ease, it also allows passenger easier communication as they are facing each other. This vehicle has only one door, as opposed to other limousine models with doors for every seat row. Complimentary champagnes are also provided by some Stretch limousine services. This model is famous for stylish partygoers. Let your chauffeur worry about the parking space.

Winton Six Limo

If you crave for the Vintage and old world classy effects, go for a Winton Six Limo. Although this is not actually a limo, but rather a classic circa 1915 luxury car which is a cross between a sedan and a bus, it’s popularity and class is heightened by its rarity giving and old world charm, glamour and elegance. This vehicle has multiple doors and partitions for passengers and baggage. This vehicle is popular to royalty’s traditional processions.

Exotic Custom Limousines

Want the ultimate stretch limo? Customize it to your every whims and wants. From bulletproofing to mini Jacuzzi, name it they can put it in your limo. Imagine an Audi, BMW, Hummer, Hummer 2, Cadillac DTS, Lincoln Town Car and Navigator, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz or Rolls Royce with full amenities customized for your 100% travel satisfaction.

Party Bus

Party bus is a ride and party venue in one. You can actually hold the event inside the Party Bus; you can still comfortably sit and party even when you have 20 or more guests. The Party Bus is often equipped with surround sound systems, DVD player, plasma televisions, disco and strobe lights and even party effects such as smoke machines. This type of limo is popular for unique and special birthday parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, promenades, tourist excursions and other group events.

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