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Bankruptcy Law Changes Designed To Hold Debtors Accountable

By Legal Helpers

Under pressure from retailers and other companies claiming losses from increased bankruptcy filings, congress took steps a few years ago to make it more difficult for individuals to file for bankruptcy. Initially, bankruptcy laws were designed to help people, whose financial debt got out of control and were meant to be a method of giving them a new start.

However, over the years many were taking advantage of the bankruptcy laws to continually file bankruptcy as often as allowed by law to get out of paying their financial obligations. This overuse of the system led to more stringent rules to protect creditors often the loser in cases with people who worked the system to their advantage. New laws were designed to prevent those from simply getting out of their obligations.

For those who fall into out-of-control debt, the bankruptcy laws exist to help them make a fresh start. Providing the need for financial and debt management as part of the bankruptcy process will provide the needed help while sifting out those individuals who use the bankruptcy laws to simply create debt and have it wiped out by the court periodically.

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In most instances the laws still allow for discharging all legally dischargeable debt for those whose only way out is through bankruptcy. However, it also makes it tougher to meet the demands of the new laws. This may prevent some people from filing for bankruptcy, either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 from seeking the help offered through bankruptcy, only making their financial life more miserable.

In 2005, the U.S. government seemed to agree with lobbyists for credit companies and determined that too many debtors were allowed to get out from under their self-created debt by filing for bankruptcy. Many were pointing to a few cases in which people with the means to make good on their obligations were simply filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and leaving the creditor holding the balance.

The new law, which was supposed to provide additional help to consumers in handling their credit load, also added many requirements, including the need to go through credit counseling services before filing bankruptcy. The counseling is also to provide alternatives to bankruptcy, attempting to move more people from Chapter 7 bankruptcy into a plan that will provide the creditors receiving payments through Chapter 13 filings.

The new bankruptcy laws added extra burdens for the debtor as well as the attorneys, which not only increased the amount of information collected for bankruptcy filings, but also included many new financial requirements that are beginning to resemble the current income tax code. In order to understand the new rules and regulations as well as the reporting requirements, many attorneys will need to specialize in bankruptcy.

There are also penalties in the new law for both attorneys and clients who willfully attempt to use inaccurate information in a bankruptcy petition. If a violation is found by the court, the attorney fees and client costs can be claimed by the court trustee, giving the trustees more incentive to more carefully review all filings in the court.

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Amazing White Teeth

Submitted by: Iain Bjarni Fraser

Teeth Whitening Aberdeen

If you live in Aberdeen area or if you live near Aberdeen, you may want to improve your look having a bright and whiter smile. In Aberdeen, you might find the hustle and bustle of a modern city, but you will also find a city which has probably the most innovative technology in teeth whitening. Premiere teeth whitening Aberdeen is the first in Aberdeen to make use of the B-zero complex.

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Amazing white teeth, teeth whitening Aberdeen is a mobile teeth whitening service which brings teeth whitening, innovative technology and mobility to the forefront of teeth whitening.

Amazing white teeth, Laser teeth whitening Aberdeen utilizes exactly the same laser technology that is often used in most dentists offices and other teeth whitening centres. However, laser teeth whitening Aberdeen does not use harmful bleaching whitening gels which contain bleach, peroxide, or chlorine dioxide. The mixture of these chemicals is a dangerous cocktail that softens tooth enamel and constitutes irreversible tooth damage. Additionally, sense the exterior of the tooth may be compromised during the whitening process other side effects include tooth sensitivity, burning, and gum tissue damage. In order to provide unequivocal results with less damage, amazing white teeth, teeth whitening Aberdeen only uses the B-zero solution. This gel provides the same results as other bleach, peroxide and chlorine dioxide gels without the harmful side effects. When applied to the tooth under led light, the B-zero oxidizes to reach deep into the dentin of the tooth. Dentin is the surface underneath the tooth’s enamel. This not only removes surface stains but also deep embedded stains below the tooth’s exterior. Each laser teeth whitening Aberdeen procedure is performed under the supervision of a certified teeth whitening technician who is licensed and insured for your safety. Typically, the operation is performed in three to four 15-minute intervals under a laser light. All sorts of things a brighter and whiter smile without harmful unwanted effects.

From a legal standpoint, teeth whitening Aberdeen understands the significance of following the rules of the law for liability purposes and for your safety. Within the law, laser teeth whitening is not a dental procedure, instead, laser teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure and was made so as of June 28th 2001. Even though laser teeth whitening is not a dental procedure, there are laws that make supplying or utilizing products with more than a .01% of hydrogen peroxide completely illegal. However, assuming you opt for teeth whitening Aberdeen, make no mistake that there will be absolutely 0% hydrogen peroxide agents of products applied to your teeth due to the revolutionary B-zero solution that does not contain any hydrogen peroxide, bleach, or chlorine dioxide, it s an extraordinary product!

Teeth whitening Aberdeen features a variety of teeth whitening packages to pick from. Prices cover anything from 129 for one session. The more sessions you purchase, the more you save. For instance, a two-person package costs 228 which is 30 pounds, less than purchasing two individual single session packages. The same is with a three session whitening package. The price is 337 which is 60 less than purchasing three individual packages. Packages are sold either in person or online at or please contact us for a chat on 08432 893 127

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