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The Benefits Of Electronic Fleet Management}

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No matter what company or business you’re in, there ar many edges to victimization electronic fleet management package. this is often as a result of with reference to each kind of business uses some form of transportation to maneuver product from one place to a different or for workers to induce product to maneuver product from company to company. getting and so attempting to stay up and maintaining trucks or alternative vehicles will be complicated and tough, and for those that have larger fleets, this technique will be helpful.

Tracks Your Vehicles

One of the a lot of basic options of management systems is that it will facilitate to trace all of your vehicles any time of day. this is often as a result of a GPS-tracking system is employed, and a few use a system called cellular triangulation. as a result of you’re currently planning to be ready to track your vehicles, perpetually planning to apprehend wherever they’re and whether or not they are planning to air time or not. there’s usually a time period following system that may be transmitted to a information, too.

Diagnostics on Vehicles

There ar a large type of electronic fleet management systems that may conjointly permit you to run nosology on your vehicles. you’re planning to be ready to connect with computers on board and keep track of assorted things that embody the mileage further because the quantity of fuel that’s being employed overall. this is often planning to assist you with a lot of correct accounting, and it also can facilitate optimize your fleet’s size. By victimization the following system, you’ll profile drivers further.

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Management package

Typically, there ar many systems that ar planning to have a sort of management package incorporated in them and may facilitate with various things. this will embody things like trip identification, vehicle identification, vehicle potency, and dispatching further. These package programs will facilitate build things a lot of economical, which implies fewer mistakes and errors.

Control and Security

For fleet systems that ar a lot of advanced, you’re planning to be ready to management vehicles whereas they’re stopped. this implies that if your vehicle isn’t being operated, you’ll disable it. this will be a handy feature particularly once cars or trucks ar abstract or started their traditional course by drivers. This helps scale back any trucks or product being purloined.

You are planning to be ready to disable the engine of the vehicle, which can forestall it from moving in any respect, and to even cut down or stop a vehicle from a particular distance. you’ll downshift a automobile further as limit the throttle of the automobile.

Life cycle Management and Replacement

Another advantage of Associate in Nursing electronic fleet management system is that it will assist you learn the life cycle of a vehicle to confirm you’ll obtain new ones once the time comes. The life cycle of all vehicles are going to be created on Associate in Nursing annual basis, and these ar planning to be accustomed facilitate calculate dates of replacements further as any funding that your vehicles ar planning to need.

An electronic fleet management system goes to assist you keep organized and have a lot of management over your trucks or vehicles. the flexibility to trace vehicles goes to be worthwhile dead itself, and there ar firms like Astro Spy that may assist you notice the right one for your wants.

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Lexia 3 Citroen}

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Lexia 3 Citroen


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One was able to order six different body styles directly from the factory, this at a time where one got the chassis and the engine from other makers and had it completed by a coachworks of your own choice! Even the spare wheel and the lighting were included in the price of F7 205. From June to December 1919, Citron produced 2,500 cars. In 1920, they had already produced 20,200!

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Also in 1920, Citron first tested half-track autos called “Autochenilles” using the patents of Adolphe Kgresse. In impassable regions they were very useful, and their reliability helped to improve the reputation of Citron as an automobile manufacturer. The half-tracks were not only used by the armed forces, in road-building and agriculture, but also by different post offices, among them the Swiss PTT which equipped their “Autochenilles” with skis at the front.

In 1921, the first Citron Taxis appeared on the streets of Paris. The big news at the Paris Motor Show in October was the 5 hp Type C, a real car for the people with 856 cubic cm engine, 60 km/h top speed, available as a Torpedo with two seats. The car was first available in the summer of 1922 and was sold only in one color: lemon yellow. The small car was a real success. In 1924, it was presented as a three-seater. The third seat was in the rear in the middle and the passenger put his feet between the two front seats. This version, named the “Trfle” (Clover Leaf) gained a great deal of fame. Up to March 1926, it stayed in production with only minor changes – about 90,000 were built and quite a number still exist today.

After the B12 of 1925, the B14 was introduced in 1927, driven by a 1538 cubic cm engine with 22 true horsepower. It was followed by the C4 in 1929. Also in 1929, the C6 was introduced – the first six cylinder Citron (2442 cubic cm), and the first Citron to reach 100 km/h.

Andr Citron was very successful in drawing the public’s attention with elaborate publicity campaigns. In 1922, airplanes wrote the name “Citron” in the sky over Paris; in 1925 the name “Citron” could have been read on the Eiffel tower: 200,000 light bulbs were necessary and several kilometers of cabling! The Citron has a rich and strong background in car manufacturing, it is one of the most underrated companies in today‚Äôs time.

You may not see that many Citron cars on the road, in North America, in fact they are a rare piece of machinery to be seen. There are a hefty number of them in Europe and Asia, but there level of popularity has gone down. The quality and efficiency although have probably gone up or to say the least have stayed at the same substantial degree as it started out with.

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Features Of Vehicle Tracking System

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Features of Vehicle Tracking System



The importance of GPS fleet tracking system has been enhanced due to result oriented outputs nowadays. Vehicle owners will not realize that fleet vehicles burn around 8.9 billion gallons of fuel annually because of unwanted speeding and idling. The vehicle tracking customized green report screen-out those vehicles which are involved in time and money wastage due to over excessive of speeding and idling. In this way, our excessive fuel report indicates how much money is being wasted and how much CO2 is being emitted just because of bad driving habits. On the basis of our green reporting features we give each vehicle a green score, and accordingly rank each driver who drives best. The fleet tracking system is designed to reduce the costs, decreasing the level of irregular habits of driving and reducing level of carbon dioxide emissions. The best part of using fleet management tracking system is that they are carrying a mission to save the planet along with saving time and money from bad driving habits. In this way, these fleet management services providing companies are acting like a shield for many vehicle owners on the roads.

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You must be aware of the vehicle tracking system features and benefits before you hired any one of the company for that. First of all, they are involved reducing your fleet’s fuel consumption and CO2 emission exercise, and will provide the custom green GPS reports. They can very easily access you any time and anywhere of the day with location information. They will also simplify your work flow with the help of 20 custom GPS fleet tracking alerts and reports. Besides, Mobile Interface for devices such as the Apple iPhone or Blackberry will be done clearly and such reports will be provided to you as well. The importance of fleet tracking system has been enhancing as trained drivers are get-in making their lives and jobs quite simple and easier. And always keep track record of your fleet by sending jobs and messages to Garmin GPS navigation devices, and above all do all the work in advance as your driver will never be lost now. Moreover, many companies are involved in free online fleet management software that is quite beneficial and long lasting. So make utmost use of green GPS fleet tracking system and lead a safer and secured driving.

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