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Dealing With Shih Tzu Housebreaking Problems}

Dealing with Shih tzu Housebreaking Problems


Jordan Choo

The best house training uses the shih tzus own instincts to avoid soiling its bed to train the shih tzu where and where not to eliminate. That is the basis behind crate training, in which the shih tzu is confined to its crate in the absence of the owner, and den training, in which the shih tzu is confined to a small area of the home. In essence, the crate, or the room, becomes the shih tzus den. Shih Tzu are naturally very clean animals, and they try their best to avoid using their dens as toilets.

This type of training usually works very well, both for shih tzu puppies and for older shih tzu. Problems with this type of toilet training are usually the result of not understanding the signals the shih tzu is sending, not being consistent with feeding times, or trying to rush the process.

While the house training process can be sped up somewhat by consistently praising the shih tzu and rewarding it for toileting in the proper place, some shih tzu cannot be rushed through this important process. It is always best to house train the shih tzu properly the first time than to go back and retrain a problem shih tzu.

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If the dog continues to soil the den area after house training, the most likely reason is that the owner has left the shih tzu in the den for too long. Another reason may be that the den area is too large. In this case, the best strategy is to make the den area smaller or to take the shih tzu to the toilet area more frequently.

If the shih tzu soils the bed that has been provided in the den area, it is most likely because the owner has left the shih tzu there for too long, and the shih tzu had an understandable accident. Or it could be that the shih tzu has not yet adopted this area as the bed. In addition, urinary tract infections and other medical conditions can also cause shih tzu to soil their beds. It is important to have the shih tzu thoroughly checked out by a veterinarian to rule out any medical problems.

One other reason for house training accidents that many people overlook is boredom. Shih tzu who are bored often drink large amounts of water and therefore must urinate more frequently than you might think. If you notice your shih tzu consuming large amounts of water, be sure to take the shih tzu to the established toilet area more often, and provide the shih tzu with toys and other distractions to eliminate boredom.

Boredom is the root cause of many shih tzu behavior problems, not only house training issues. Chewing and other destructive behaviors are also often caused by boredom and separation anxiety.

Other problems with house training can occur when the shih tzus den is not properly introduced. In some cases dogs can react to the den as if it is a prison or a punishment. Those shih tzu may exhibit signs of anxiety, such as whining, chewing and excessive barking. It is important for the shih tzu to feel secure in its den, and to think of it as a home and not a cage.

The best way to house train a shih tzu puppy or shih tzu dog, or to re-house train a problem shih tzu, is to make yourself aware of the shih tzus habits and needs. Creating a healthy, safe sleeping and play area for your shih tzu, as well as a well defined toilet area, is important for any house training program.

House training is not always an easy process, but it is certainly an important one. The number one reason that dogs are surrendered to animal shelters is problems with inappropriate elimination, so a well structured house training program can literally be a lifesaver for your shih tzu.

If you would like to learn more about the many problems that shih tzu owers face and how to over come these problems or any other skills that are essential to housebreaking or just learn how to housebreak then feel free to visit my site which is dedicated to providing dog owners with the most in depth information on housebreaking any type of dog with our in depth articles outlining everything from the common housebreaking problems that thousands face everyday to the advanced housebreaking methods made easy and much more!

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Dealing with Shih tzu Housebreaking Problems }

Gay Travel To Egypt And New Zealand

Submitted by: Howie Holben

Egypt hosts a wide variety of historical, cultural and religious sites, which makes the entire country fascinating. Egypt gay vacations can include anything from taking a cruise on the Nile, crossing the desert on a camel, shopping in open-air souks, and taking in the awe-inspiring Great Pyramids of Giza, to shopping and dining in modern cities and relaxing on the pristine white sands of world-famous beaches. From the Temple of Edfu and the burial tombs in the Valley of Kings, to browsing through the Khan al Khalili Bazaar or visiting King Tutankhamun’s treasures in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt truly has endless offerings. Folks planning a gay vacation to Africa will not want to pass up the mystique and allure of Egypt, which is an excellent choice for gay travel.

When planning a gay vacation to Egypt, there is some information that is helpful to know. While there are no specific laws outlawing same-sex sexual behavior between consenting adults in private, over the last several years, the government has stepped up its efforts to arrest and imprison gay men by using laws against debauchery and contempt of religion to imprison men arrested through raids at known gathering spots, undercover operations in online chat rooms and other underhanded methods.

Most of these efforts have been aimed at arresting Egyptian men; however, in some instances women and tourists have also been included. One of the most publicized cases of a sting operation that led to numerous arrests and imprisonment was the 2001 raid of the Queen Boat, which resulted in the arrest of over 50 men.

With that said, this is not to imply that Egypt should be avoided during gay travel, or that travelers will feel unwelcome amongst the locals. Most visitors find locals throughout the country to be very warm and welcoming and have reported no problems with the government or police during gay vacations. Of course, this ongoing persecution does mean that it is difficult, if not impossible to find any visible LGBT communities; however, there are popular gathering spots in Cairo, Aswan, Dahab, Alexandria, Luxor and other metropolitan areas. It is important to note that while these hangouts do exist, discretion should be used, because the police are also well aware of locations frequented by the LGBT community.

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Egypt is an amazing country with a vast array of must-see attractions of both cultural and historical value. Folks who are interested in visiting Egypt on a gay vacation may want to consider a gay travel tour, which will help to ensure that you do not miss Egypt’s best offerings and that the journey will be a safe one. If you prefer solo gay vacations, it is still advisable to at least go through a travel agent that is aware of the concerns and needs of members of the LGBT community when planning gay vacations to ensure a trip full of lasting memories and great experiences.

New Zealand offers an environmental and cultural diversity that has long been appealing to those looking for an exciting spot for a gay vacation. There is little doubt that the appeal of New Zealand comes, in part, from laws that protect the LGBT community from discrimination and the warm, accepting attitudes of the populace, as well as the various adventures that New Zealand offers and its pristine natural beauty.

LGBT folks looking for gay vacations to New Zealand will find a wide variety of choices, including opting for a relaxing beachside respite, hiking through breathtaking wilderness, snowboarding and snow skiing at popular resorts or indulging in the exciting nightlife of New Zealand’s cosmopolitan towns and cities. Whether you are looking for a family-friendly vacation at the beach, or a raucous week of Pride events, New Zealand has much to offer for gay vacations of all sorts.

Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch and Hamilton are just a few of the cities of New Zealand where you will find visible, large LGBT communities, Pride celebrations and a wide variety of clubs, businesses, pubs and restaurants all catering to the community. Those interested in a city gay vacation will find that these metro areas provide numerous options that are sure to please travelers interested in a lively nightlife and a plethora of entertainment, dining and shopping options from which to choose. If you want to include skiing or snowboarding into your gay travel plans, you will be pleased to know that there are various ski resorts on South Island and North Island, which makes it easy to take a day trip to the mountains between sightseeing tours, cultural events or visiting New Zealand’s smaller islands.

Gay vacations in New Zealand can focus on lounging on perfect, clean beaches, snowboarding, skiing, partaking in exciting outdoor adventures for couples, families or friends, or taking the opportunity to awaken or renew your spirit in this beautifully spiritual land. New Zealand certainly offers too many sights, activities and experiences to squeeze into just one vacation; however traveling with a tour group on a well-organized gay vacation is one option that will ensure that you have an amazing experience and that you do not miss out on some of New Zealand’s best offerings.

For travelers who would rather go it alone, working with a gay travel agency to plan your excursion is an ideal option, which allows you to get the latest information that might be of interest to LGBT travelers and to find out about current hotspots and destinations that are popular with the community.

About the Author: Howie Holben has traveled throughout the world for more than 30 years. He owns and runs Spirit Journeys, a spiritual

gay travel

organization. Spirit Journeys has offered unique

gay holidays or gay tours

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