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What Procedures Are Done In Cosmetic Dentistry And Its Types?}

Submitted by: Mohammed Calcuttawala

A white and bright smile is all about your genes, right? Not anymore! Medical science has advanced quite a bit to shun genetics aside. Cosmetic surgery proved it earlier; now cosmetic dentistry does!

Not just reality shows; todays reality has shown us what wonderful results cosmetic dentistry can bear! Transforming even the most loathsome smile into something bright and beautiful is no more a tale of fantasy. But you need to make the correct choice. Not just the dentist but also the dental work you plan to undergo. A flawless cosmetic dental work works wonders to transform your smile into a work of art!

The easiest is cosmetic teeth whitening. Teeth bleaching also mean the same. This is highly effective against stained teeth that have undergone discoloration; even the most severe types. Its the degree of stain that determines if you can get it done from the comforts of your home or at the dentists chamber; but then again, bleaching teeth doesnt suit everyone and a prior assessment from the dentist is must. If the assessment turns out to be in the negative, then Cosmetic Dental Veneers remain the next option.

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For those unaware of the term veneers they are thin shells mostly of porcelain, or some other equally strong, composite material. These custom made shells are cemented to the front side of a tooth. Not just discoloured teeth; veneers are useful for treating a large range of dental conditions. Bent or asymmetrical or chipped teeth benefit the most from veneers; even teeth with wide gaps in between.

The next one is bit more complex and invasive. Cosmetic Dental Implants involve the use of titanium (strong, lightweight and bio-friendly) structures that replace missing teeth. They are surgically placed into the jawbone where a tooth formerly used to be. It is vastly different from a dental bridge and is permanent by nature. In short, it mimics the root of a tooth and anchors the Preventative Dentistry Dural crowns or caps.

However, the artificial crowns can be also be used to fit over an existing tooth. You can choose between acrylic and porcelain fused to metal and is a great aid if your natural teeth cant withstand biting pressure. Poorly shaped or badly decayed teeth are benefitted the most; so does, broken and chipped teeth with large fillings. They also cover spaces between teeth.

Lastly, its Periodontal Laser Treatment and tooth bonding. The former one is the same as enamel shaping; a process that reshapes teeth by removing some of the enamel by filing. Its a painless process and its effects show immediately. Whereas for cosmetic tooth bonding; it involves bonding or adhering tooth-coloured materials to the teeth, to repair and/or improve their appearance. Badly stained, broken or chipped teeth get a fresh lease of life after undergoing this treatment, even those that bleaching and veneering couldnt help.

We endeavour to provide you with the highest level of service and care that will exceed your expectations. Our friendly dentists and staff are committed to helping you achieve both excellent dental health and a beautiful smile for life. Some of our great services are General Dentistry, Teeth Whitening, Cosmetic Dentistry, Laser Dentistry and Tongue Tie and Lip Tie procedures. We are a family focused dental practice caring for you at all stages of life.

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Five Misconceptions About Orthodontics}

Submitted by: Kishor Harale

Worried about your awkward dental structure? Well, orthodontics could be the perfect solution to your situation. Simply get a pair of braces fitted to your teeth and with this medical treatment as well as an Best orthodontist in Pune guidance, you will have the million dollar smile that once seemed like a far-fetched dream. For Puneites, the solution to all such dental problems is at the Smilex Dental Clinic, the one place that gives access to some of the expert dentists and best treatment facilities in the city. The extensive bouquet of options also includes orthodontics. Using the latest techniques, Smilex ensures that the treatment is effective and absolutely pain free. However, there are still may struggling to shed the inhibitions and opt for orthodontic treatments. The reason for this is pretty simple. People assume that the treatment is painful and above all, wearing braces would bring embarrassment to their otherwise charming personality.

Well, the doctors at Smilex, will shed light on these misconceptions so that you can be alert and keep the people around you informed preventing them from fearing the many benefits of orthodontic treatments.

It is painful and I will not be able to tolerate it

Well, this is one of the most common things that we have heard and it is completely wrong. Doctors at Smilex will confirm that the orthodontic treatment is not at all painful. The braces are implanted using latest techniques ensuring that the patient does not experience any discomfort.

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I will have to give up my favourite food items

In the olden days braces were made of metal and chances of the patients experiencing pain while implantation was high. Even eating or talking, the regular activities were a bit difficult to accomplish. But, today the things are more advanced, medically as well as technically. Even with braces, your daily functions are not interrupted in any manner. You can eat, talk and be absolutely normal. No more bruises or cuts to worry about.

It does not help!

Sure braces do help. The help your dental structure gradually restore it to a more organized format. However, you need to be regular with your visits to the dentist and ensure that you follow the treatment exactly in the way it is prescribed. Leaving it midway due to the lack of patience will never let you reap the benefits.

I will be embarrassed

Now, the new braces are made of transparent materials so even when you are wearing them, its like not wearing them because no one will ever notice anything different. This automatically eliminates the need to feel embarrassed. From professionals to students, anyone can opt for this treatment without any inhibition.

I am too old for it

Well, don’t be judgemental and take the decisions for yourself. Instead, take time to visit the doctor and consult the experts. They will study the dental structure and determine the feasibility of the treatment for you. As far as age is concerned, it is not the only factor that decides your eligibility for the treatment !

About the Author: Mohan Kumar I am a Professional Blogger and Content Writer for Smilex.


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Las Vegas Orthodontics Specialist Explains The Use Of The Mara Appliance

Las Vegas Orthodontics Specialist Explains the Use of the MARA Appliance


Dr. Alpan

Las Vegas, NV – The Mandibular Anterior Repositioning Appliance (MARA) is used by orthodontists to encourage forward growth of the lower jaw and correct cases of overbite. “It’s the most effective method I’ve found to gently move the lower jaw into a new position,” says Dr. David Alpan, a Las Vegas



The MARA is cemented with a special fluoride-releasing tooth adhesive to the first molars using stainless steel crowns. It holds the patient’s lower jaw in its new forward position while the muscles and bone adjust to support the jaw’s new place. While similar devices are removable – and therefore depend on the patient’s compliance – the MARA is cemented in place, continually moving the lower jaw into position. Two pieces of the device, the upper “elbows,” are removable so that your orthodontist can adjust the appliance gradually.

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“The MARA offers the advantages of reliability and a shortened treatment time compared to other appliances,” explains Dr. Alpan, a Las Vegas braces


‘Typically, treatment time is only a year. Of all similar appliances it is the easiest to use and the least obtrusive.”

The MARA takes some getting used to for many patients. It can feel awkward to hold your jaw in its new forward position while speaking and eating. Your teeth will fit together differently and chewing is challenging. However, your discomfort is short-lived – usually no more than a week – and your awkwardness will not be noticeable to those around you. As your tongue and cheeks adjust, it gets easier to eat and speak, points out Dr. Alpan, a Las Vegas

invisible braces provider.

Patients with a MARA device in place need to brush the device carefully – and pay particular attention to the areas where the metal meets the gums. Although the device is sturdy, patients do need to avoid chewing hard or sticky foods which can damage the appliance. About Dr. David Alpan>

Dr. David Alpan earned his DDS degree from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco received his Orthodontic Specialty certificate in 1998. Dr. David Alpan founded Aesthetic Orthodontics in Los Angeles in 1998 – and in Beverly Hills and Las Vegas in 1999. Certified as an Invisalign provider in 1999, Dr. Alpan was hired by Align Technology in 2001 to teach certified Invisalign classes. He has also served as a consultant for Align Technology’s clinical education department. 2010 First page of Google guaranteed company Master Google and Dr. David Alpan. Authorization to post is granted, with the stipulation that Dr. David Alpan and Master Google are credited as sole source. Linking to other sites from this press release is strictly prohibited, with the exception of herein imbedded links.

To learn more about Las Vegas


provider or Las Vegas


provider Dr. David Alpan, visit his Web site at

, or call at 702-784-0500.

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Why Dental Implant Treatment Is Important

Why Dental implant treatment is important



Dental care refers to all the functions of our mouth basically the teeth and gum\’s. Today implants id the best alternative method for your natural healthier teeth. This is one of the most common dental procedure. Health teeth provides you a nice smile. Good dental care is a great way to keep your body in a good shape. Dental implant is basically a replacement of tooth roots. It basically provides permanent replacement of teeth that are made to match your natural teeth. Today artificial teeth treatment become very popular and it is very beneficial for those who wants to restructure their mouth to make it more beautiful to look at. It helps in preventing shattering to your confidence level. Tooth replacement procedure fully depends on the use of dentures.

Procedure for implant is the artificial root is made up of titanium metal as it is inserted into your mouth\’s jawbone to replace your natural tooth after than replacement tooth\’s are attached to the implant. It may take time to properly fit the natural tooth to your abutment. It acts as a hook to hold the replaced tooth in place . Now a days this treatment offers more attractive solutions when it is done by the dentist expertise. It is the perfect choice for those people who wants good oral health with healthy gum\’s. It is used to give support to crown or bridges.

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Who can take this treatment? Any individual with good health and healthy gum\’s undergoes a routine mouth check up or considered for the dental treatment. Person should have healthy gum\’s and enough bones to hold this procedure. If you don\’t have sufficient bone then you undergo bone grafting treatment before this surgery

It helps in look and help in feel like your own teeth and improved your full appearance. As it act as your natural tooth helps you in eating your favourite food without pain. This process will take approximately 6 month.

Success rate of this surgery is depends on the jaw where implant are placed with the proper care of the mouth the result can last a lifetime without needing to be replaced. The surgery cost is vary according person to person. It have a very high success rate How to care for the implants. As they are placed into your jawbone they act as much like your natural tooth so you should need to be kept clean them using brush. Your dentist will tell you the cleaning procedure for implant. Also regular mouth check-up is recommended so that you and your dentist can make sure that the procedure is well done.

We offer you all the major dental services at our clinic with affordable prices in London. For more information visit us at

Dental implant

replace you natural teeth with artificial teeth and no one even notice. The treatment is very comfortable and durable.

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Assisted Living Assistance

By David Faulkner

One of the unavoidable facts of aging is that the bodies gradually lose the faculties which enabled us to live independently and take care of ourselves they way we could when we were younger. Memory lapses, decreased hearing and vision, and loss of cognitive ability may affect us so that we require help, either from family members or from assisted living services.

For people who have no family nearby, or those who don’t want to be a burden to their relatives, but want to remain as independent as they can, assisted living facilities may be an answer. Assisted living is exactly what its name suggests; it allows people to do as much as they can for themselves, and assist them with those tasks which have become too difficult.

What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is ideal for those seniors who do not require full-time medical services, and are still fit enough to enjoy social activities and physical exercise. The assisted living providers will do an in-depth analysis of a client’s situation to determine the appropriate degree of assistance.

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Assisted living centers will analyze each resident’s needs and provide the services they need; meals for those who can no longer cook; transportation for those who can no longer drive; and as much housekeeping as necessary.

Assisted living facilities are becoming increasingly popular in the United States, as the Baby Boomer generation is approaching its twilight years. Many retirement facilities may call themselves things like adult living and active seniors’ communities, but the one thing they have in common is that they are designed for older people who are determined to remain as independent as they can for as long as they can.

Many seniors who would fight being placed in a nursing home are willing, and even grateful, to go into an assisted living facility, for the security it will offer them. The no longer have to worry about how they will get through the more difficult tasks with which they have been coping, and can relax because help will be there, but only if they really need it.

Is Assisted Living Right For You?

There are, however, many elderly people for whom assisted living is not appropriate. These individuals are the ones who need ongoing care for condition, and are physically or mentally incapable of caring for themselves. Even their families may not be able to provide the around-the-click assistance needed to keep them safe and comfortable.

Many assisted living facilities have agreements with full-care facilities so that, when one of their residents deteriorates beyond the assisted living stage, he or she can be transferred to full care, with new caretakers who are fully informed of his or her needs. For more info see

on Senior Living Centers.

If you are considering assisted living, either for yourself or a loved one, be advised that no all assisted living services are the same. Make sure the one you decide on is tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Retirement Homes

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