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Amazingly Realistic New Faux Tile Above Ground Pool Liners}

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Amazingly Realistic New Faux Tile Above Ground Pool Liners


Alex Mandelona

If you take a minute to flip through a landscape magazine, one thing that you will notice is that it is the tile work that separates the good looking pools from truly great looking pools. For decades, decorative tile work has been confined exclusively to built in cement pools, as above ground pool owner were resigned to swimming in pools that were lined with simple, yet functional standard blue above ground pol liners.

Indistinguishable From Ceramic Tile

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However; new development in plastics and plastics manufacturing technologies has in turn led to fantastic new development in above ground pool liners. Hence; now they come in a wide range of amazingly realistic decorative styles that can completely change the look of an above ground pool. Faux ceramic tile above ground pool liners actually duplicate the appearance of real ceramic tile, down to the most subtle details, including recessed grout lines.

The Total Look of Real Tile

But what about the top edge of the pool? Doesn’t the realism end there? The simple answer is not at all, because on a completely decorated above ground pool, the decking rides over the top edge, completely concealing it from view. What about the outside metal sides of the pool? Aren’t they visible thereby spoiling the effect? Once again, the decking completely conceals this part of the pool as well.

All at a Fraction of the Cost of Real Tile

The end result, is that when properly done, the complete look of an above ground pool with decking and a decorative tile above ground pool liner is nothing short of amazing. Wrap around natural wood decking combined with an faux tile above ground pool liner will make for an overall effect that will have your guest thinking that you spent tens of thousands of dollars to accomplish.

Written by Alex Mandelona. Find the best information on Above ground pool liners

as well as

Above ground pool fence

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Amazingly Realistic New Faux Tile Above Ground Pool Liners


How You Can Get Rid Of A Cold Sore In 4 Easy Steps

By Denny Bodoh

You can get rid of a cold sore quickly and safely with the proven tips revealed in this article. If you have a big event or date coming up, help is a minute away.

To effectively get rid of a cold sore, you first need to fully understand how this parasite virus does its damage.

Herpes simplex virus causes cold sores by destroying millions of surface cells in its process of creating new copies of itself. These exploded cells merge to create one large ulcer.

Good News – the herpes virus is normally latent deep in the nerve cells. It will ONLY come alive and start replicating when it senses the conditions are just right. Mental and physical stress are considered the cold sore triggers.

Change in your body is caused by stress. These changes will provide ideal conditions for virus replication. Some important effects of stress are hormone changes, rapid burning of the B and C vitamins, over-taxing your immune system, and a shift of the acid/alkaline balance toward the acid side.

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Your body knows how to get rid of a cold sore and will do so without any additional help or expensive cold sore treatment. But, if you are like me, you do not want to suffer any longer than need be – so let us shorten that up.

You want to get rid of a cold sore as quick as possible and here are a few tricks that will do just that.

1. COOLING DOWN A HOT VIRUS. The cold sore virus likes it warm (and will actually create heat) to replicate. Cooling the area down will slow down this process. Ice is the best. You may be lucky and even send the virus back into hibernation with this little trick.

2. COLD SORE VIRUS HATES LYSINE. Lysine and arginine are the two main amino acids that play a role in cold sore virus replication. The more lysine you take, the less arginine will be stored in your cells. The virus uses arginine as a building block for new virus. If the virus does not find enough arginine in the cells, it will give up and go back into hibernation. Normal lysine dosage during a cold sore is 2000 to 4000 milligrams per 24-hour period.

3. DESTROY THE EVIL VIRUS. Keep the cold sore clean and kill tons of virus by applying hydrogen peroxide with a cotton ball or swab. It may sting and fizz. It will destroy any virus it touches, and adds a healing dose of oxygen to the wound. Although alcohol will work, this is a better way to get rid of a cold sore.

4. DO NOT FEED THE VIRUS. Avoid eating acid type foods – especially where they may touch the cold sore. Vinegar items and tomatoes are common offenders. Try taking a good vitamin and mineral supplement to help keep your body more alkaline – which will discourage future cold sores too.

Here are a couple final things that will clarify and help you in your quest to get rid of your cold sore.

Everybody should be taking a good vitamin and mineral supplement every single day. It really can help prevent cold sores. It prevents a shortage of the critical B and C vitamins, helping to reduce stress. It also keeps your body well stocked with alkaline minerals so it does not have to suck calcium from your bones.

Finally, the ice treatment will give excellent results if used BEFORE the damage is done. Once the sore opens up, ice will slow healing by driving blood away. Now use warmth to get rid of a cold sore more quickly.

Good luck. These are just a few of the many powerful tactics proven to get rid of cold sores quickly and safely right now.

About the Author: Denny Bodoh knows cold sores. If you hate them as much as he does, do not hesitate to read his excellent info about

cold sores

and discover some incredible

cold sore

treatments and remedies.


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Torrevieja Rental Apartment In Spain

Torrevieja Rental Apartment in Spain


lilyberger2319Torrevieja Apartment for rentals on Costa Blanca with , Shared Pool Exceptionally large sunny terrace – Villamartin Plaza close bySleeps up to : 6 (2 bedrooms)Vista Golf Urb / Development Nearest Beach :

La Zenia – 3 km

Torrevieja Apartment Description :

Casa Sol is located a short 6 minute drive to the beautiful sandy beaches of this area. Just 3 minutes drive gives you access to a choice of 3 excellent golf courses at Las Ramblas, Villamartin and Campoamor. The location is quiet, yet close to all amenities such as restaurants, bars, supermarkets and banks. The nearby local market at San Miguel is excellent for bargain hunting. The well known Villamartin Plaza is close by for a further choice of restaurants bars and shops.

There is a communal pool close to the apartment with a lovely sun terrace and a shallow pool for children. The apartment has an exceptionally large sunny terrace, furnished with patio furniture, sun-loungers and bbq for al-fresco dining and relaxing in the sun. With 1 double bedroom, 1 twin bedroom and a sofa bed, Casa Sol is ideal for couples, families and groups. There is plenty to see and do during your stay and excellent golfing facilities.

Torrevieja Area :

Torrevieja boasts some splendid beaches, and access to 20+Golf Courses

Located in the East of Spain ( Valencia Region ) within the province of Alicante on the Costa Blanca

Airport :

Murcia – 20 mins drive

Beach :

La Zenia – 3 km

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Alt Airport :

Alicante – 40 mins drive

Facilities for this Torrevieja Apartment Rental :General

Bed Linen Provided, Towels Provided,


Hob, Oven, Microwave, Toaster, Kettle, Fridge, Freezer, Washing Machine,


TV, DVD Player, CD, Radio,

Living Room

Seating for 4.

Dining Area

Seating for 4.

Torrevieja Apartment – Accommodation :2 Bedrooms –

Twin Bedrooms (1), Double Bedrooms (1),

1 Bathrooms –Torrevieja Apartment – Outside Facilities :

This Torrevieja rental apartment benefits from a Shared Pool, Children’s Pool, Balcony, BBQ, Parking, Garden Chairs,

Further Details

(for this Apartment in Torrevieja on the Costa Blanca in Spain)

This area boasts a superb eco-climate, thanks to the famous salt lakes, its dry atmosphere making it one of the healthiest places in Europe. Average summer temperatures range between 27 – 35 degrees. Even in Winter it is still warm enough to wear t-shirts and shorts, although a jumper might be needed for the evenings. The area is steeped in history and the many fiestas and festivals depict the struggle between the Moors and the Christians. The Mar Menor is a short drive alond the coast and the popular resorts along the sleeve of La Manga are worth a visit.

Villamartin / Vista Golf Area:

There is a lovely waterpark suitable for all of the family, approx 20 mins drive from the apartment. The various slides and attractions will keep all ages entertained. There are many lovely sandy safe beaches all along this coast. Try your hand at water-sports or sample one of the many beach bars, where you can relax under a parasol and recharge your batteries with a cold beer or glass of sangria. In the evenings you can choose from an abundance of restaurants. Some are typically Spanish and you can try the tapas and the vegetable or meat dishes made from local produce.There are plenty more that offer international cuisine if you prefer. For golfers, there are 3 excellent courses within 5 minutes of the apartment. In Torrevieja you can stroll along the lovely promenade in the evening or try a little late night shopping in the many boutiques or market stalls that line the front near to the lovely harbour. For the more energetic, you can walk the new jetty that cuts 1km out to sea.


The Spanish celebrate with colourful festivals several times through the year. Eat in one of the many covered stalls, watch the locals perform their songs and dances in their traditional costumes and join them for a glass of sangria. For those wanting to venture further afield La Manga and the Mar Menor can be reached within 40 minutes.

How to get there:

Fly to Murcia or Alicante airports. Cheap flights with Bmibaby and Easyjet. Murcia airport to apartment is 20 minutes, Alicante is 40 minutes. Cheap car-hire through – Murcia and Alicante. Taxi fare approx. 25 Euros from Murcia, 50 Euros from Alicante

Guest Bool:

” Casa Sol was ideal for us. It was only a short drive to 2 of the most fabulous sandy beaches. Children loved it! Will be back soon” – J. Hill, Swansea – “First class golfing, so close we probably could have walked there! Plenty of room for us and golf clubs. Garage was handy.” C. Parkin. Mumbles.

Rent Torrevieja Apartment Suitability :

All of the Family, Children Welcome, Long Term Rentals Welcome, Car Recommended

Unfortunately the apartment is not adapted for wheelchair access, pets are not allowed, the apartment is not suitable for the infirm, no smoking is allowed inside the apartment.

Rent apartments in Torrevieja , Vista Golf to benefit from and other luxury facilities

Rent Torrevieja apartment near to these local activities:

Fishing, Golf, Sailing, Swimming, Walking, WaterPark, Wind-Surfing

Think about renting Torrevieja apartments on the Costa Blanca as a great starting point to enjoy this fantastic holiday Coastline .

Rent Torrevieja apartment

of numerous styles and sizes at this resort.

Lily Bergeron has lived in Torrevieja for over 20 years and specialises in Torrevieja rentals.

Rent Torrevieja apartment

in Spain for a fantastic family holiday.

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What Is There To Know About Eyebrow Lift?

Submitted by: Dr Andrew Kim

There are times where we just get tired of looking tired! All the stresses and other environmental factors we go through everyday takes a toll on our skin. Usually this takes the form of creases or frown lines. Aside from making us look tired, it also makes us look older than we really are. One cosmetic procedure that was introduced to remedy this problem is brow lifts.

A brow lift is also called a forehead lift, since it reduces the creases that develop on your forehead and along the bridge of your nose. It also corrects sagging eyebrows which creates a tired expression.

This procedure is done by making an incision either on top of the scalp, towards the middle of the scalp, or in front of the hair line. In order to work on the internal structures of the face, or to remove wrinkles and creases, surgeons use varying techniques. One of these include the endoscopic technique, where a long thin tube that has a light and a camera at the tip, is inserted through tiny sutures. This allows the surgeon to work on and manipulate internal structures.

Other techniques also use strategically placed sutures such as the creases of the upper eyelids, creases above the nose, and the lines between the eyebrows. They are then closed using absorbable sutures, special clips or surgical tapes.

YouTube Preview Image

Since our eyebrows play a significant role in displaying emotions such as happiness, anger, sadness or surprise, then it is only right that they are able to communicate the right way. When your eyebrows constantly give the expression of tiredness because it sags, then you give off negative impressions.

Aside from improving the way you look, an eyebrow lift can also improve the way you relate with others and how they may respond to you. It gives you a younger and a much more rejuvenated look.

However if you want to pass as a good candidate for this procedure, you need to be generally healthy. Smoking and drinking may put off your chances because it may lead to complications. But those who have a healthy outlook, goal and body, can be a definite candidate for a brow lift.

This procedure may either use a general or local anesthetic which actually depends on the assessment of the surgeon. How your body is going to react to a specific anesthesia is also an important consideration because serious complications could result.

Speaking of unwanted effects, a brow lift procedure can lead you to have temporary hair loss numbness, headache, itching, and swelling. The hair loss may resolve in a few months time, and other side effects can be relieved by medications.

However serious complications that are also associated with this kind of procedure include hematoma, infection and bleeding. Therefore it is very important to follow post-op instructions carefully to avoid these problems. For example, it is advised that you refrain from any activities for the first two days after surgery, and to wash your hair properly and carefully once the bandages are removed after surgery.

The results are definitely impressive and you can get that without any visible marks after. It is performed in an outpatient basis giving you faster time to recover. With all other factors in place, you can have a good chance at reclaiming that youth and vigor back into your face. A brow lift will effectively erase those annoying creases, wrinkles and frown lines!

About the Author: When it comes to restoring or

improving your eyebrows

, the Australian Institute for Hair Restoration (AIHR) is the place that you can trust for eyebrow and hair transplant procedures. Dr Andrew Kim’s clinic had years of experience and best facilities to back them up, you are sure to have a safe procedure and a favorable outcome to fix your

hair loss problems



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Meeting The Expectations In Truck Driver Jobs

Meeting the Expectations in Truck Driver Jobs


Truckers Jobs

There are simple but common things that may affect your application for truck driver jobs. Minor things that have something to do with your records and personality might just affect you goals. Issues with your previous driving records that are related to violations may just become hindrances to your plans of being into trucking jobs. Records of any crimes, illegal drugs and alcohol abuse reflect your personality and in the world of trucking, personality counts. The jobs will involve potential risks that may just be dangerous for the wrong person. The job requires someone who is responsible enough to handle trucks.

To be qualified to enter the trucking industry, it would be better if you have clean records. This means that you must be a law abiding citizen with no crime records and serious offenses when it comes to driving. Avoid offenses that may reflect on your records permanently such as DWI or DUI which are both referring to driving while under the influence of alcohol. Most States are very strict in these regulations because a large percentage of accidents are caused by drivers who are driving while intoxicated or while under the influence of the chemicals found in alcohol.

YouTube Preview Image

Truck driver jobs are really in demand right now but it is ironic that people who are able to secure a CDL or Commercial Driver’s License are having problems landing a job in the trucking industry. With the numerous positions available, trucking companies will never choose a truck driver carelessly since the wrong decisions can greatly affect their business and the worse thing is that it can endanger a lot of lives and waste huge amount of money. Choosing the wrong person increases the risks for road accidents involving large trucks. The most qualified candidate is the only one who deserves the job.

You may need to enter into extensive research to know all the requirements and qualifications that you have to meet before applying for jobs in the trucking industry. If you’re up to the challenge of acquiring all the skills that you need, you also have to make sure to know about the nature of the job as it may become conflict with your lifestyle. For instance, you have to realize that the job will require you to be away from home most of the time. This is just one of the factors you have to consider.

Truck driver jobs are known as top jobs nowadays because of their growing popularity, demands and benefits. The country is need of many truckers because of the increasing demand in the transportation of goods and materials. The country is still in the middle of recovering from the previous economic crisis. People who are interested or have experience in truck driving can earn a good living through these jobs. It is however important to evaluate and assess your situation before taking a major decision such as getting into trucking because these jobs are really life changing and you might want to think about it first.

Truckers Jobs

are rewarding jobs for the right candidate. If you think you have what it takes to be a truck driver, it is time to apply in the trucking industry. The demands are high as seen in the number of job openings. Know more by visiting our website at


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