First Apartment Rentals What To Consider}

Submitted by: MohitJain

Apartment rentals are a legal activity and when signing the rental agreement there are specific conditions, regulations, and rules that must be followed. Before signing that agreement for any apartment rentals you need to take in consideration your budget, how much the monthly rental is, if you need a down payment, where it is located, the neighborhood, and more. For most people who are renting an apartment money is their biggest problem, especially having that first and last month rental money or the first month rent along with a small down payment or damage deposit.

If you are looking at apartment rentals for the first time here are some things that you need to consider:

Moneyas mentioned this is usually the biggest hurdle a new apartment renter faces. The first thing that you need to do is make a budget making sure that you are not spending more than thirty to forty percent of your monthly expenses for rent. You also need to consider in your rental budget any other expenses that go along with rent such as utilities and renters insurance. Once you know what you can afford as rent each month it is time to look at apartment rentals. If you only have a small amount you can spend each month for rent look for an apartment that bases the rent on your monthly income or look for a roommate to help with the expenses.

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Your credit scoremany apartment owners will also look at your credit score so you should first get your free credit report to make sure you have a good credit score. The potential landlord will use this credit score to help them decide if you are a good credit risk and if you are one who pays their debts on time or one who has a bad paying record with a lot of default or late payments. If you have a bad credit score you would need to look for apartments where they do not require a credit check because you may not be able to rent the apartment you are looking at if you have bad credit.

Check the locationbecause apartment rentals can be expensive to move into most people look at renting an apartment for several years. You want to make sure that you are living in a neighborhood or apartment complex that suits your needs and lifestyle. If you have a pet you want to find apartment rentals that accept pets. If you are a single person you may want an apartment complex where there are no children. You may want one that is close to where you work or go to school. You may also want apartment rentals in an apartment complex or an apartment in a home that only has two or three apartments.

To help you look for apartment rentals that suit your needs you can use an apartment finder service. These types of service will have multi-listings of available apartments saving you the job of looking at rental ads to find that perfect apartment.

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Bank of America declares 1.2 million account records “lost”

Monday, February 28, 2005

Charlotte, North Carolina — One of the biggest domestic banks in the United States, Bank of America, has admitted to losing computer tapes containing 1.2 million federal employee accounts, including the accounts of several U.S. senators, in a statement by the bank. According to the Pentagon, most of the accounts belong to staff and civilians in the Department of Defense. The bank said the tapes were lost in December 2004 as they were being transported to a data back-up centre by a commercial plane.

Currently, the U.S. Secret Service are looking in to the matter, a federal agency whose brief includes investigations of serious financial crime such as this. All parties concerned are worrying about possible identity theft as it contained valuable information such as bank account numbers, names and addresses.

UK nears US in cyber-crime, ahead of Nigeria, Romania

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The United Kingdom is listed second in a report on global cyber-crime statistics, behind the United States and ahead of cyber-crime “hotspots” Nigeria and Romania. The 2007 Internet Crime Report was released in April by the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), a joint operation between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National White Collar Crime Center.

Americans reported losses of US$240 million from global cyber-crime in 2007, a $40 million increase from 2006. The Internet Crime Complaint Center received 206,884 complaints of online fraud in 2007, a decrease from the previous year’s 207,492 complaints.

FBI special agent John Hambrick, in charge of the IC3 unit, told the Agence France-Presse “We’re seeing more schemes involving bigger ticket items, get-rich-quick and work-at-home schemes that involve higher dollar losses”. As the report only includes figures from crimes reported to law enforcement, it is likely that real crime numbers were higher.

We’re seeing more schemes involving bigger ticket items, get-rich-quick and work-at-home schemes that involve higher dollar losses.

FBI Cyber Division Assistant Director James E. Finch commented on the report: “The Internet presents a wealth of opportunity for would be criminals to prey on unsuspecting victims, and this report shows how extensive these types of crime have become … What this report does not show is how often this type of activity goes unreported. Filing a complaint through IC3 is the best way to alert law enforcement authorities of Internet crime.”

In response to the report’s release, the information technology consultancy Global Secure Systems (GSS) warned that the United Kingdom is becoming a hotbed of internet crime. According to the report, the UK accounts for 15.3 per cent of online crime from US crime reports. “This is significantly ahead of other cyber-crime hotspots such as Nigeria (5.7 per cent) and Romania (1.5 per cent),” said David Hobson, managing director of GSS, in an interview with

The scammer tries to prey on victims who are kind of in tune with what’s going on in the world. The scam changes, but ultimately they’re preying on the good will of people.

The 2007 Internet Crime Report cites the top ten countries by amount of perpetrators of online crime. In descending order, the top ten list includes the United States, the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Canada, Romania, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Russia, and Ghana. Scammers living within the United States most often lived in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Men lost more money to online fraud than women in 2007, and also accounted for 75 percent of cyber-crime perpetrators.

FBI spokeswoman Cathy Milhoan told CIO Today that online scammers attempt to take advantage of the good will of individuals, asking for money for purported charities during crises. “The scammer tries to prey on victims who are kind of in tune with what’s going on in the world. The scam changes, but ultimately they’re preying on the good will of people,” said Milhoan.

The most widely reported complaint was Internet auction fraud at 35.7 per cent of referred crime complaints. Other online criminal activities cited in the report include non-delivery of purchases and credit/debit card fraud, computer intrusions, spam/unsolicited e-mail, and child pornography. The report also seeks to raise awareness of other types of cyber-crimes, and describes steps individuals can take both to prevent internet crime, and to report it if they have been victimized.

MSN browser upgrade leaves users frozen

Monday, November 20, 2006

Microsoft‘s subscription-based MSN Explorer Internet browser left many of its users frozen out beginning on Friday of last week. Launching the application brought the user to a window stating that the software encountered a problem and had to be closed.

The Internet Explorer browser software bundled with the Windows operating system remains operable, along with other non-MSN software. Subscribers to MSN are still able to retrieve e-mail by accessing their Hotmail account. Telephone support wait times to resolve the connectivity problem with the browser exceeded 45 minutes on Sunday evening. Beginning on Saturday, callers were prompted that wait times were “unusually long due to high call volume”.

A query to on-line chat with technical support to resolve the issue was met with, “I sincerely apologize for the length of time that it took you to get to us. We have been swamped with sessions and I am just glad that you finally got me to help you out.”

The silent and automatic upgrade to the 9.5 version of MSN Explorer, from verson 9.0, is experiencing difficulties on some machines. Users can log on to support using their account at, click the Support button on the left column of the page, and then select under Subscribed Services / Sign In the link “MSN Internet Access”. On-line chat, e-mail, and phone support is available there. Hint: on-line chat is probably the fastest support option.

The existing MSN Explorer software will need to be removed, some Windows registry folders may need to be removed, and the software completely re-downloaded and re-installed.

Dial-up accounts can expect the download to be 93 minutes, for broadband, 9 minutes.

We Buy Junk Cars What Are The Factors That Affect The Price Of Junk Cars?}

Submitted by: Efren Evans

Buying a car can be a herculean task for many of us. It is therefore understandable when one gets excited about their new car. This happiness is however short lived as sooner or later, the car becomes immobile or not fit for the road. It is also understandable when an individual gets exasperated with the junk car sitting in their front or backyard. It is definitely an eyesore and you would give anything to have it removed from there. Many people actually end up paying some money to have it towed away. What you do not know is that while you may think that you have made a good deal by paying $50 dollars to have the junk towed away, the tower will be smiling all the way to the bank. He will definitely disassemble the machine and sell every part separately, then sell the pieces of metal as scrap metal. Either way, the tower stands to gain everything.

It is therefore time for you to go looking for those ads stating, We Buy Junk Cars that you have ignored as you breezed past on the road. These companies or individuals can tow your car away at absolutely no cost, and pay you some cash for it. Could the deal get any better?

But, it is important that you pay close attention to the companies. Before you are enticed by the We Buy Junk Cars line, it would be important that you determine how much they will be paying for it. Can you get a better deal elsewhere? It is not always just a matter of them taking the car from the backyard. You definitely have other options and it is better to make hay while the sun is shining. Nevertheless, as much as everyone can expect quite a large amount of money for their cars, it is important to acknowledge that the price is a function of numerous variables. It is important that you pay attention to these variables so that you do not get disappointed. Some of these factors are outlined below.

YouTube Preview Image

Dysfunctional vs. functional. Before acting on the We Buy Junk Cars advert, determine the differences between the prices of functional cars and the dysfunctional ones. If the car can still be driven, you can expect to receive more money compared to a car that needs to be towed. In this case, if you can fix the cars engine in order to have it working, it would be advisable that you do so just to improve the selling price.

Legal papers. One thing that you will acknowledge is that cars that have no legal papers will be very difficult to sell. If you actually manage to get some cash for it, you can be sure it will be pittance. You can be sure that the company that placed the We Buy Junk Cars advert will be having the longer end of the stick since it is illegal to buy or sell a car without the legal documents. In this case, you need to have all the legal papers to prove ownership so that you can have a better deal.

What is the condition of the car? While the car is already under the junk category, its condition will still have a bearing on the overall price. You may have heard stories of people who spotted the We Buy Junk Cars for Up To $500 posters, acted on them and had the people offering less than $250 simply because the cars in the backyard were a pale shadow of what they should be. In this case, giving it a presentable appearance would be imperative. Give it a nice polishing. You actually dont have to give it total makeover, just a few touches here and there and its price will be improved.

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Car maker DeLorean dies at 80

Monday, March 21, 2005

Automobile industry pioneer, John DeLorean, died Saturday in a New Jersey hospital by complications from a stroke.

DeLorean was born in 1925 in Detroit, Michigan to European immigrant parents. He received an education in automotive engineering and quickly rose through the ranks of Packard and later General Motors (GM). DeLorean was credited with the development of the Pontiac GTO, which helped introduce the era of “muscle cars”. By 1965, DeLorean led the entire Pontiac division, and four years later was promoted to the prestigious position of leading GM’s Chevrolet.

In 1973, DeLorean quit General Motors and started his own company, the De Lorean Motor Company. The company’s product was the DMC-12, an unusual car featuring an unpainted, stainless-steel exterior and gull-wing doors. The company started production in 1981 but failed less than two years later, having produced under 9,000 vehicles. Despite the company’s failure and the car’s dismal sales, the car itself gained a cult following after the release of the 1985 movie Back to the Future which featured the car as a time-travel machine.

DeLorean himself was in nearly as much trouble as his company. In 1982 he was arrested for attempting to sell $24 million worth of cocaine to undercover police, and after his company’s failure, he became involved in a multitude of lawsuits alleging investor fraud. Though DeLorean successfully resolved the cocaine case after claiming entrapment, his other legal cases would drag on until 1999, when he declared bankruptcy.

Wikinews interviews Rocky De La Fuente, U.S. Democratic Party presidential candidate

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Businessman Rocky De La Fuente took some time to speak with Wikinews about his campaign for the U.S. Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.

The 61-year-old De La Fuente resides in San Diego, California, grew up in Tijuana, and owns multiple businesses and properties throughout the world. Since getting his start in the automobile industry, De La Fuente has branched out into the banking and real estate markets. Despite not having held or sought political office previously, he has been involved in politics, serving as the first-ever Hispanic superdelegate to the 1992 Democratic National Convention.

De La Fuente entered the 2016 presidential race last October largely due to his dissatisfaction with Republican front-runner Donald Trump. He argues he is a more accomplished businessman than Trump, and attacks Trump as “a clown,” “a joke,” “dangerous,” and “in the same category as Hitler.” Nevertheless, De La Fuente’s business background begets comparisons with Trump. The Alaskan Midnight Sun blog described him as the Democrats’ “own Donald Trump.”

While receiving only minimal media coverage, he has campaigned actively, and according to the latest Federal Election Commission filing, loaned almost US$ 4 million of his own money to the campaign. He has qualified for 48 primary and caucus ballots, but has not yet obtained any delegates to the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Thus far, according to the count at The Green Papers, De La Fuente has received 35,406 votes, or 0.23% of the total votes cast. He leads among the many lesser-known candidates but trails both Senator Bernie Sanders who has received nearly 6.5 million votes and front-runner Hillary Clinton who has just shy of 9 million votes.

With Wikinews reporter William S. Saturn‎, De La Fuente discusses his personal background, his positions on political issues, his current campaign for president, and his political future.


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EU warns Microsoft: forthcoming Vista risks antitrust breach

Thursday, March 30, 2006

The European Commission has warned Microsoft that features the company intends to include in its next version of Windows known as Windows Vista may breach the European Union’s antitrust laws.

The EU’s commissioner in charge of competition, Neelie Kroes, wrote to Steve Ballmer CEO of Microsoft last week informally warning him that Microsoft’s plans to include security features, search tools, copyright protection services and an application to create documents similar to Adobe’s PDF files into Vista would violate European antitrust laws, according to her spokesman Jonathan Todd.

Mr. Todd said that the commission was worried that features Microsoft plans to include in Vista may prevent customers from choosing their own software combinations. He emphasised that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into Windows Vista.

The commission wrote the letter following a letter from Microsoft asking them to indicate if there were any possible competition issues with the new system. Mr. Todd said: “We assume that Microsoft has its own interests at heart. It wants to launch another product without having to worry about the Commission instituting various actions under antitrust law.”

Microsoft’s top lawyer in Europe, Horacio Guttierez, said Wednesday that adding such functions into the operating system was essential if Microsoft was to meet customer demand. “I know consumers want more secure computer systems,” he said.

Windows Vista includes software called Windows Defender, which seeks out and removes spyware and adware. Guttierez claims that forcing Microsoft to sell Windows without Defender “is a bit like forcing BMW to sell cars without airbags”.

“We have a responsibility to make our products better and more secure for our customers,” he said.

Free Internet Arcade Games Get Better All The Time}

Submitted by: Daniel Millions

There is more action, a ton more thrills, and a whole lot more all around fun than is imaginable, in the vast world of free online arcade games that is available to game players of today.

Constant thrilling fun for many hours to come is exactly what you will be able to find among the hundreds of websites that are available for the serious and the beginner game players alike. The best part is each one of these game sites all offer their players the best in games to play for free.

Many of the long time loved classic games such as Mario, Sonic the Hedge-Hog, Defender, PacMan, Tetris, and many others, are always a big hit among the young and the young at heart. Many of these classics can still be found today on a large number of the exciting and fun filled sites that know exactly what an all around good time in game playing is all about. You will also be able to find a large variety of free game sites that offer the new games that are now available to their players on a daily basis.

These sites feature some of the most popular and most sought after names in game titles for you to choose from. You don’t have to worry about getting tired of playing the same old games that become drab after you have played them day in and day out, and even won them time and time again. Now you are offered a whole new world in free Internet arcade games, where game playing never has a chance to become a bore.

Along with being able to find any type or style of game you could possibly be hoping to find, you will also be able to find many of the most common help topics that game players are always in need of finding. One of the best features, is you will be able to easily find other game players like yourself, where you can go head to head against someone that shares the same caliber as you do. You can’t go wrong with the hundreds of tips and tricks you will be able to find that will help in building your game playing skills, and so much more.

The only problem you will run into now, is that your family will begin to have a real hard time in being able to drag you away from all of the fun you are having. Not to mention all of the action packed and thrilling games you will want to be playing 24 (twenty-four) hours a day. As you are comfortably sitting in your easy chair, and you are trying to decide which game you would like to play next, don’t forget to stop long enough to fuel up on some energy!

Game playing has never been so much fun. You will enjoy having the ability to browse through a large and varied assortment of all types of thrilling games. What makes it even better, is the fact that each game has a feature where it will explain just a little information on what that particular game is about. This wonderful feature helps in giving you a quick hint on being able to find the games that appeal to your particular taste and style.

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Hackers crack Sony PSP to allow Internet chat, web surfing

Thursday, April 7, 2005

Sony’s recently introduced Playstation Portable has proved popular with curious geeks who discovered various talents hidden within the new handheld video console.

The biggest ‘hack’ so far has been the manipulation of a web browser embedded within the PSP game ‘Wipeout Pure’, which can be easily coaxed into accessing the majority of Internet via a suitable portal. Jonathan Terleski was able to monitor the digital conversation held between his PSP and Sony’s website when the browser in his game ‘Wipeout Pure’ would try to download new software from Sony via the Internet. Using a suitably set up DNS server, Terleski configured his handheld console to access his own custom PSP portal, instead of Sony’s website, and then invited other owners to use his gateway to the web. [1]

From this discovery, Robert Balousek later created a web based IRC interface that allows people to talk to each other and hold conversations in real time via the Internet on their PSP consoles. According to Reuters, his IRC website has to date been used by as many as 100,000 visitors and Balousek now plans to introduce a web based interface to the AOL instant messaging network for PSP users.

Other notable recent ‘hacks’ include reading ebooks and comics and watching pre-recorded television shows, taken from a TiVo, on the Sony PSP.

None of the ‘hacks’ have yet employed writing custom software for the device. So far, most are spin-offs of Jonathon Terleski’s web browser hack. Other hacks, like the ebook reader and television show viewer, are made possible through use of the PSP’s built in tools for viewing video and images. Sony has not yet released an SDK which would allow end-users to write ‘homebrew’ software, therefore hackers are tied to manipulating software included with the PSP or available through the games purchased separately.

Speaking to Wikinews, Jacob Metcalf, who documented the web comic’s hack on his website, explained his motivation: “Web comics are already designed for on-screen reading and they have some of the same audience as people who play games – lots of the most popular web comics are about gamers, like PVP and Penny Arcade.”

He added: “I do wish that [Sony] would come out with an actual web browser like the Dreamcast had. South Korea is going to get a real web browser and I have a feeling in my gut that there is going to be Internet software for the PSP like a web browser and email announced at E3 this year.”