Ford, Fiat to produce small cars together

Friday, September 9, 2005

Italian-based Fiat Auto SPA and US-based Ford Motor Co. announced they signed an agreement to cooperate in designing two small car models. This came only seven months after General Motors severed their relationship with Fiat.

Both companies plan to work together on a new version of the popular Fiat Cinquecento and on a replacement for the Ford Ka, both to be based on the Fiat Panda platform.

The cooperation can help reduce the companies’ small car production costs and ease financial difficulties they are facing. Ford is struggling with high labor and health care costs, while Fiat suffers from its unprofitable Italian plants.

After the deal was announced, shares of Fiat rose $0.06 to $9.44, while Ford gained $0.06 to $9.95 on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Atlanta Thrashers sold to True North Sports and Entertainment, moving to Winnipeg

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fifteen years after the Winnipeg Jets left the province of Manitoba, Canada, an announcement on Tuesday made official what ice hockey fans have been anticipating: The National Hockey League’s (NHL) Atlanta Thrashers are moving to Winnipeg. The Thrashers, who have been a target for relocation rumors amid the ownership struggles and financial losses, will leave Atlanta after eleven seasons there in the highest-level professional ice hockey league in North America. The deal, which was finalized early in the morning Tuesday, has just one step to climb: a vote by the NHL’s Board of Governors, which will take up the matter at their June 21 meeting.

Atlanta Spirit Group, LLC. (ASG), who owned the Thrashers—and continues to own both the Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association, as well as Philips Arena, the arena both teams occupied—completed the sale to Winnipeg investor group True North Sports & Entertainment Ltd. The Thrashers will move into their new home arena, MTS Centre in Winnipeg. ASG has also been trying to find buyers for the Atlanta Hawks as well as Philips Arena. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, who also presided over the league when the Jets left Winnipeg in 1996, has stated the Thrashers will remain in the Southeast Division for at least the 2011-12 season, after which time the NHL is expected to shuffle teams between the Western and Eastern conferences to move the Thrashers to the West, to play with other teams in western North America. The two teams situated in the Western Conference which reside in the Eastern Time Zone, the Detroit Red Wings and Columbus Blue Jackets, as well as the Nashville Predators are considered favorites to be moved into the Eastern Conference when this happens.

The city of Winnipeg, which has been ready and waiting for an NHL franchise since the Jets relocated to Glendale, Arizona and became the Phoenix Coyotes in 1996, is already host to a team in the second-tier American Hockey League, the Manitoba Moose. During the announcement Tuesday, True North stated that they were starting a season ticket drive. They also announced that they have yet to choose a name for the new team.

The Thrashers are not the first franchise that True North has set its sights on in regards to acquiring an NHL team. The Coyotes, which have been owned by the league since the previous owners filed for bankruptcy in 2009, was highly sought-after by True North in the past few years in an attempt to literally “return the Jets to Winnipeg”. In early May, the Glendale City Council approved a measure to pay $25 million to the league, to cover their operating expenses for the next year in order to keep the team in the city.

This is not the first time an NHL franchise has been relocated north of the border from the #8-ranked media market in the United States; in 1980, the Atlanta Flames moved to Calgary, Alberta, becoming the Calgary Flames. Atlanta was later granted an expansion franchise in 1997, and the Thrashers took the ice to start the 1999-00 NHL season. In the 11 seasons the Thrashers spent in Atlanta, they made the playoffs only once; in the 2006-07 season, they reached the Eastern Conference quarterfinals, where they were swept in the best-of-seven series by the New York Rangers in four straight games.

Southern California auto maker announces fully-electric sedan

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

While hybrid vehicles have found considerable popularity in the United States since their introduction, one difficulty associated with the rollout of a fully electric car has been the comparably high price and poor performance, compared to an internal combustion engine-driven car of similar size. Tesla Motors claims that their Model S, a sedan which runs solely on electricity, will be more affordable.

Tesla first entered the automobile market in 2006, with a prototype of an electric vehicle designed on the roadster style. While the car, whose exterior design was based on the Lotus Elise, accelerated well and had considerable range, its cost of US$109,000 was prohibitive for many and to date only 300 have been sold, with a thousand more ordered.

Tesla says, however, that the Model S could sell for around $56,400, with the actual price some $7,500 lower after a Federal Government tax credit on electric vehicles.

Tesla claims the Model S has a range of up to 450 kilometers (280 miles) without recharging and can reach a top speed of 200 km/h (125 mph). It is powered by a 454 kg (1001 lb) battery pack.

Initial plans were to build the car in New Mexico, but instead the Model S will be built near the company’s headquarters in San Jose, California.

Dlf Privana Residential Project Develop In Greenish Region Of Araville In Gurgaon}

Submitted by: Annya Kumar

DLF Privana to be found in Sector 76 77 Gurgaon is a private housing expansion consisting of low rise green apartments in Stilt + 3 towers anywhere stilt face is owed designed for means of transport parking. Will be shaped by signifies of spaciousness added to privacy be abundant, which is a selection of luxuriousness by way of comfort, includes all the indispensable qualities for example club residences together with ample parking space for investors along with over and above visitors.

A bright designed 500 acres region of master plan emerald on sole side as well as Araville hills on previous plane to the DLF Privana fashionable houses by signifies of 3 BHK Utility associations is a part of DLF flats in sector 76, 77 Gurgaon Township. Green areas of peaceful seating are the areas together with out of the sun trees packaging countless the site proposes you the information of being comfortable in the spirit of Mother Nature.

Strange concentration has been engaged to confirm that there is sufficient gap among the buildings on top of each floor offers a rich in company with vigorous setting of daylight in company with ventilation by method of windows on every side in this 113 acres district. Your house at this growth will be brighter as of restricted by the sun in addition to freshet by cool waft of air driving throughout the accommodation all day. Nothing is to imagine here for the motive that you too bask in a magnificent viewpoint of the picturesque adjacent.

Each low rise tower proposes an open space

YouTube Preview Image

Floors of Air- habituated with Spilt AC

Air- conditioned play section for teenagers

Indoor in the midst of outdoor games

Exacting region for gatherings

Devoted lift for each floor plus 2 devoted Car Parking on top of the stilt level

Identical patio exact for every floor owner.

DLF Group is tremendously grave relating to the security added to protection of their residents. Thats why complete principles are under CCTV observation. The enjoyment together with self-assurance of investors is very significant.

This accommodation scheme is on the junction peak of Golf Course Extension Road in addition to National Highway 8 is early venture of way of life featuring best design, obvious arrangements of buildings on top of floor plans designed in the middle of caution. This is not basically a building; it’s a calculated suggestion to propose you benchmark of living countys that enlarge in company with your views with satisfy the stylish requirements of existing standard of living.

DLF Privana 77 Gurgaon is a facing system as of the DLF designers Group. Fictional together with planned to fetch fashionable eases in addition expediencies yet as offering a peaceable on top of serene putting for your group. Its where you can enjoy current consoles in addition to metropolitan usefulness by denotes of picturesque green areas. Will be fashioned in the midst of spaciousness over and above assurance make money, which is an assortment of luxury by means of comfort. For more info visit

About the Author: A new luxury apartment launch by DLF Group, DLF Privana located at Sectors 76 & 77, Gurgaon. This project is offering low rise special residences with 3 BHK usefulness arrangements are a fraction of DLF Garden City Township. For more info visit


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Canada’s Beaches—East York (Ward 32) city council candidates speak

This exclusive interview features first-hand journalism by a Wikinews reporter. See the collaboration page for more details.

Friday, November 3, 2006

On November 13, Torontonians will be heading to the polls to vote for their ward’s councillor and for mayor. Among Toronto’s ridings is Beaches—East York (Ward 32). Four candidates responded to Wikinews’ requests for an interview. This ward’s candidates include Donna Braniff, Alan Burke, Sandra Bussin (incumbent), William Gallos, John Greer, John Lewis, Erica Maier, Luca Mele, and Matt Williams.

For more information on the election, read Toronto municipal election, 2006.


  • 1 Sandra Bussin (incumbent)
  • 2 William Gallos
  • 3 Erica Maier
  • 4 Luca Mele

Author of My Billion Year Contract reflects on life in elite Scientology group

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wikinews interviewed author Nancy Many about her book My Billion Year Contract, and asked her about life working in the elite Scientology group known as the “Sea Org“. Many joined Scientology in the early 1970s, and after leaving in 1996 she later testified against the organization. Published in October, Many’s book has gone on to become one of the top selling new books on Scientology at

Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Green Party candidate Torbjorn Zetterlund, Willowdale

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Torbjorn Zetterlund is running for the Green Party of Ontario in the Ontario provincial election, in the Willowdale riding. Wikinews’ Nick Moreau interviewed him regarding his values, his experience, and his campaign.

Stay tuned for further interviews; every candidate from every party is eligible, and will be contacted. Expect interviews from Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, New Democratic Party members, Ontario Greens, as well as members from the Family Coalition, Freedom, Communist, Libertarian, and Confederation of Regions parties, as well as independents.

Quality Car Exterior Parts Make Your Vehicle Look Stylish

Quality car exterior parts Make your vehicle look stylish


Jai Prakash Srivastava 1

If you are among those people who really love their cars, you should invest money in right car parts. You can style your car with a range of car exterior parts. All you have to do is look online and get the finest car products to adorn your vehicle.

Without exceeding your budget, you can now enhance the appearance of the car with the help of body kits available. No matter what your car model is, buy car body kits to make it look happening. These surfaces can be added to cars for changing their style and shape too. By looking online, you can find car body kits that fit on rear, front, and sides of the car. Not only the car s shape can be altered with car body kits but aerodynamics too.

YouTube Preview Image

However, the effect of these kits is not that pronounced on aerodynamics but various components such as car spoilers can generate the ability for generating downward aerodynamics force at the high speed, making car ride extra stable at the high speeds. You can get these body kits in variety of styles and colors, so you will not have a hard time looking for body kits that suit your personal preference and taste.

Carbon fiber hood is strong, light and durable and can shape into your preferred choice. You can also get it painted accordingly and enjoy its endless benefits. A good carbon fiber hood will help in reduction of overall weight of your vehicle. It reduces the weight on front wheels for improving the vehicle balance when you get behind the wheels. You will not have to compromise on the ability to steer you vehicle now.

Apart form being strong and tough, these carbon fiber hoods can also withstand heat. With proper vents, hood allows the airflow and helps in keeping the engine cool. Cool engine adds to its efficiency. With the same quantity of fuel, it helps in giving more power.

Aftermarket bumpers can also help in changing appearance of your dull and boring car in some awesome and stylish vehicle. Aftermarket front bumper is one of the ways of modifying the exterior of your vehicle. Without burning a hole in your pocket, you can give a makeover to your vehicle. If you really want your vehicle to look different from all others then aftermarket bumper is a great idea. You can also use aftermarket rear bumper to give a great look to your car.

Look online and find smart car exterior parts. All you have to do is find a good company and visit their websites for buying quality parts for your vehicle. Without any hassles and straining your pocket, find any part that can add to the styling of your car. If you are not able to find preferred parts while browsing the online catalog, you can specify the scar model, type, and year and make for doing an advanced search. You do not have to work much for styling your prized possession now. Just check online and buy exterior parts conveniently.

Find more information relating to aftermarket front bumper, and aftermarket front bumper here.

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Bob Woodruff injured by improvised explosive device in Iraq

Sunday, January 29, 2006

ABC News anchorman Bob Woodruff and his camera operator Doug Vogt have been seriously injured in an explosion. Early reports indicate that both men sustained head injuries in the blast.

Woodruff was evacuated to the Balad Airbase, 68 kilometers north of Baghdad and is currently undergoing surgery. “Bob and Doug are in serious condition and are being treated at a U.S. military hospital in Iraq,” ABC said in a statement.

Reports say Woodruff was taping a report inside an Iraqi mechanized military vehicle near Taji, Iraq when the vehicle ran over and detonated an improvised explosive device. ABC also reports that exchanges of small arms fire took place shortly after the explosion. MSNBC reports that Woodruff and Vogt were wearing body armor and helmets when the explosion occurred, measures that may turn out to have saved their lives. The Associated Press is reporting that the two men were standing in the hatch of the vehicle at the time of the explosion, and that no other people were injured.

Woodruff and Vogt had been embedded with the 4th Infantry Division that was accompanying an Iraqi Army unit.

ABC also said that both Woodruff and Vogt were wearing body armor and helmets.

The U.S. military headquarters in Baghdad has confirmed the attack took place. However, no further information has been made available.

Vogt, a 46-year-old Canadian based in France, is an Emmy-award winning cameraman for ABC News with 25 years of experience.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, 61 journalists have been killed in the line of duty in Iraq since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003.

Woodruff became the permanent co-anchor of ABC’s World News Tonight, with Elizabeth Vargas on January 3, 2006, replacing the late Peter Jennings.


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